6 Tricks to Enjoy Easter Away From Home With Toddler

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Staying away from home for Easter with toddler might be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are 6 tricks which will make your Easter enjoyable while keeping your toddler happy.

6 Tricks to (Survive) Enjoy Easter Away From Home With Toddler

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6 Tricks to Enjoy Easter Away From Home With Toddler

This title could as well be called "6 Tricks to Survive Easter Away From Home With Toddler". Toddlers love routine and familiar places and people give them comfort and safety. That's why, at times, it is challenging to leave the house for longer outing. Easter holidays are a great opportunity to visit family and friends and for many of us it may even mean few days away from home, visiting multiple people in various locations. 

Your little one, even though very excited and hungry for adventure, may not take it easily. Here are 6 tricks which may be helpful to enjoy Easter away from home with your little one.

1. Plan and Prepare

Plan where to go and whom to visit. If you are visiting family and friends who do not have kids, take more toys. Anticipating to spend more time outside? Take willies, puddle-suit, outdoor toys, snacks. More time indoors? Take favourite books, crayons, toys. 

Plan and Prepare

Plan: Where to go, Whom to visit, How to get there, Is there a place to play.


Plan and Prepare

Prepare: Toys, Books, Crayons, Notebooks, Playing-mat, Wellies, Puddle-suit, Snacks, Water, Wet-tissues. 


2. Bring your toddler up to date

Tell your toddler all about when and where you are going, whom you are going to visit. Give as much details as possible. Do it few days before the trip and repeat every day. If plans change keep your child updated. Explain what they will be expected to do, e.g. take of their shoes when visiting someone.  

Parent: Remember that when we arrive at aunt's Ann house, we need to take off our shoes. She really likes to keep her floor clean.

Bring your toddler up to dateExplain in Advance and Repeat: When and where you’re going, Whom to visit, Dos and Don’ts.


3. Stay positive and excited

Positive attitude is key – your toddler will be as much excited and positive as you are. Think of the bright sides and prepare for challenges. Share those positive thoughts with your little one.

4. Allow time to get used to people and places

Give your little one time to get familiar with places and people. Don’t make them kiss and hug people you meet. They may be your closest family and friends but might be strangers to your toddler. 

Parent:  I’m going to say hello to aunt Julia. Do you want to say hello to her too?

Child: No.

Parent: That's ok. Just tell me if you change your mind.

5. Focus on can-dos

In new place, tell your toddler what they can do rather than what they can’t. Be creative and give positive messages.  

Parent: For instance you could check if there are spiders in the garden. Or look for cars in this magazine.

Child: Ok.

6. Encourage independence 

Allow your child to be independent and as much in control as possible. Let them for instance: enter the car and sit in the car seat by themselves, take off their shoes, put on the jacket, press the lift button.  

Remember the basics

In addition to those tricks it is important to remember the basics. Make sure your little one is well fed, hydrated, had enough of sleep, wears something comfortable and preferably something he/ she chose. If your are in a rush to catch public transport, allow more time to get dressed, get to the location, anything that involves toddler.

Equip your toddler for Easter away

Here are some practical items you and your toddler may find useful when visiting friends and family for Easter.




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