Montessori Cubes - Introducing World of Math to Kids

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Cubes are something special. It is a shape which connects nature with magic world of mathematics. No wonder why some of the Montessori classic math learning aids are cubes. They are a great way to introduce little ones into beautiful world of math. For toddlers those Montessori educational toys are just puzzles. When playing kids learn shapes, colors, sizes, logical way to assemble cubes together or to order them. When doing this the absorbent mind is already laying foundations of mathematical concepts and structures.

When a child is older, those same puzzles can be used to expand the mathematical knowledge. Now it is not only a puzzle but a tangible manifestation of mathematical abstract.  

If you want to help your child absorb math, you may want have a closer look at the following learning aids. Most of them are classic Montessori learning aids introduces by Maria Montessori herself. Others are fun brain teasers which develop problem solving skills and dexterity.

Montessori Cubes - Introducing World of Math to Kids

Montessori Mathematical Cubes

Power of Two Cube

Power of Two CubeThis Power of Two Cube demonstrates mathematical operation of exponentiation of number two: 2°, 2¹, 2², 2³ etc. This cube is great tool to visualize more advanced mathematical operation and not only see the abstract representation in the book. For a child this cube is a puzzle to be played with! After being introduced to it child can search for patterns of exponentiation in nature. >>> Learn More


Binomial Cube 

Binomial CubeThe Binomial Cube is the representation of (a+b)³. It is great way to introduce algebra to your child. For younger children this cube can be used to learn colors and shapes. As child is playing with the cube in logical way, this play predisposes to enjoy and understand math later. Set your child up for success in math with this great math learning aid. >>> Learn More



Trinomial Cube

Trinomial CubeThe Trinomial Cube is the representation of (a+b+c)³. For younger children this cube can be used to learn colors and shapes. For a child this cube is a puzzle to be played with. As child is playing with the cube in logical way, this play sets the child up to understand math later. Help your child touch and feel math and not only think of it in abstract way! >>>Learn More


Pink Tower

Pink TowerThis set of pink cube blocks, the Pink Tower is one of the Montessori Classic favorites. It helps in gaining awareness of dimension leading to intelligent observation of size in the environment. It is also an introduction to mathematics - 10 cubes as 10 is the basis of our number system. And smaller cubes make larger cubes. So much to learn and play, play, play! >>> Learn More





Non-Mathematical Problem Solving Puzzles

Cubes are not only limited to math educational toys, there are cube toys which aim for helping to develop problem solving skills and creativity. Below are few examples of other cube puzzles which might bring joy to your little one.  

Wooden Cube-to-Snake Puzzle

Wooden Cube-to-Snake PuzzleFans of wooden puzzles will love to have this Cube-to-Snake Puzzle added to their collection. This simple but smart toys is great in helping to develop your little one's dexterity, problem solving skills and creativity. >>> Learn More

3D Wooden Tetris Puzzle

3D Wooden Tetris Puzzle3D Wooden Tetris Puzzle allows your child to have fun while exercising spatial visualization ability. It is great fun for kids and adults too! >>> Learn More

Tetris Cube Puzzle

Tetris Cube PuzzleThis unique Tetris Cube Puzzle is a great brain teaser for kids. It encourages problem solving skills and concentration.  >>> Learn More




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