Amphibians Figurines 12 Pieces Bundle - Frog Toad

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This set of figurines includes 12 small amphibians which originals could be found all over the world. Some of them are quite interesting... Take panamanian golden frog for instance (light yellow with black spots on their back and legs) - did you know it is a toad and might be extinct in the wild? Or Strawberry poison-dart frog (bright red one) - did you know its skin is toxic? Those frog figurines just wait to be rolled in a mud or jump into the water.

This Frog Figurines set is reduced to clear with a HUGE discount of 40%.



  • Set of 12 frog and toad figurines 
  • Helps to learn about amphibians
  • Great fun while bathing or mud play
  • Suitable from 3 years (play with adult)
  • Size - Small, approx. 3.2x1.9cm (1.3x0.7in) 


Questions & Answers

Q: What shall I do when figurines do not stand straight?
A: Figurines could be squashed in transport or during playing. Please put the base of the figurine in warm water. After few minutes shape the base (e.g. animal's legs) with your hands. 

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