Cervidae Hoofed Ruminant Animal Figurines - Buck Deer Stag Doe

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The hoofed ruminant mammals form the family called Cervidae. Cervidae family is also called "the deer family". This animal family is full of surprises - did you know that it is characterised by size-dimorphism? Males are commonly 25% larger than their female counterparts.   

Those figurines are reduced to clear with a HUGE discount of 40%.



  • Lovely hoofed ruminant mammals figurines 
  • Made with attention to details
  • Help to explore animal kingdom
  • Suitable from 3 years (play with adult)
  • Size: Medium (as on pictures)
Find out interesting facts about the Deer Family (Cervidae)


Questions & Answers

Q: What shall I do when figurines do not stand straight?
A: Figurines could be squashed in transport or during playing. Please put the base of the figurine in warm water. After few minutes shape the base (e.g. animal's legs) with your hands. 

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