Wild Sea Animal Figurines - Shark Manatee Dolphin

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Sharks, manatees and dolphins are all predominantly living in the wild. One of the figurines features the Blue Shark which is one of the species close to extinction. The featured Bottlenose Dolphin is one of the most common dolphins inhabiting oceans. Both sharks and dolphins are carnivorous in oppose to manatees. The Manatees, as dolphins, are mammals, and are also known as "Sea Cows". 

Those figurines are reduced to clear with a HUGE discount of 40%.



  • Lovely wild sea animal figurines
  • Made with attention to details
  • Help to explore animal kingdom
  • Suitable from 3 years (play with adult)
  • Size: Medium (as on pictures)


Questions & Answers

Q: What shall I do when figurines do not stand straight?
A: Figurines could be squashed in transport or during playing. Please put the base of the figurine in warm water. After few minutes shape the base (e.g. animal's legs) with your hands. 

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